Trainings / Courses

Blockchan Basics

This is a Basic Program for you to learn about blockchain where you will know fundamentals of blockchain

Advanced Blockchain

Advance Track which includes - Blockchain Fundamentals -Blockchain In-depth - Ethereum Introduction - Solidity and Smart Contracts - Ethereum Network Set-up

Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain Concepts - Introduction to Ethereum -Smart Contract using Solidity- Hands-on Practicals

Blockchain for Corporates

Blockchain Potential-Blockchain Adoption - Blockchain Challenges - Blockchain Concepts

Blockchain In-depth

Blockchain Introduction - Ethereum Components - Solidity Smart Contracts - Hyperledger Fabric Framework and Tools

Hyperledger Advance

Blockchain Introduction - Blockchain In-depth Concepts - Hyperledger Fabric Network Set-up - MSP - Node-Setups - GoLang - Chain Code