Blockchain = Freedom and not ONLY bitcoin

In September 1945 the end of the second world war soviet dictator Joseph Stalin appointed Georgio desh as the head of the communist party of one of his vessels states he was later usurped by dictator josh esco.

These dictators committed horrible crimes to humankind they put people in jail for no reason they tortured and killed thousands of people from some families they took away everything.

What does all of this have to do with blockchain? because blockchain is that thing about crypto and bitcoin isn’t it yes it is but that’s not all of it. Blockchain could have avoided and prevented some of the hardship and suffering that our families had to endure during that dictatorship in one sweep the dictator took away everything that had been building for decades and generations.

The communist party by force took away the factory they owned and where they employed a lot of workers and the house where they had been raised from one day to the next the dictator declared that this land shall now belong to him and his cronies and not to us anymore and he could do that because he had absolute control over the centralized land registry in that country so his will was the law and this is where blockchain comes in;

A blockchain is a public and decentralized database a ledger and with that decentralization in mind we could have decentralized and distributed the land registry to many computers all over the country and even the world so no single malign actor or party could have manipulated that system anymore and that is why to me blockchain is such a strong tool of democracy so if people ask me blockchain that’s about crypto and bitcoin to me blockchain is about freedom.

Imagine if we had a digital decentralized identity based on the biometric data that nobody can take away from us no regime no dictator no trafficker this is again where blockchain can help us. with blockchain, we can create this and this is again why for me blockchain is about freedom.

We were lucky that we were born here in a prosperous and cozy country where we have access to clean water to food to a pension system to social security to bank accounts and so on but we have to realize that not everybody was born that lucky and that we are not the norm we are rather the exception not them and that is why we have a moral obligation to help them this looks a bit like a note from the board game monopoly but it’s actually the currency of Venezuela in this case in the denomination of 500 million bolivares the problem with this bill is that you can barely buy a loaf of bread with it this is the product of the country’s hyperinflation that has been there for years and it’s been it’s become so bad that if you go to work in the morning the money you earn by the time you get home on the same day that money will be worthless

What has happened here again is a central party has abused its power somebody printed money flooded the market with money created hyperinflation and by that created poverty and devastation in the country so that many people had to leave the country for economic reasons again blockchain could help us blockchain could decentralize away the power from one single central institution, in this case, the corrupt central bank that printed the money and distributed it back to the people.

With blockchain code is a law that means whatever has been written in that code if we had written that every year there’s only two percent inflation max then that is exactly what will happen again blockchain is freedom

All kinds of different platforms on Facebook on Instagram on amazon on google everywhere it seemed that some someone was listening in on our conversations and then I realized the data we produce is no longer ours the things we say the things we write the websites we use the things we like all of that now belongs to the big tech corporations they own our data and they own us we have become the product what if there was a way to re-appropriate the ownership of that data how can we get that data back again? blockchain can help us.

With blockchain we take that control we eliminate the intermediary, in this case, the big tech companies, and give ourselves control over our data again then we can decide whom we share our data with and what we want to do with it again blockchain is about freedom.

Many times people ask me why I decided to move into the blockchain industry and indeed since 2014 that is when I first came across the subject then I’ve been fascinated by it but until then if somebody asks you oh blockchain that’s about crypto and bitcoin right tell them NO, cause blockchain is freedom thank you. do you wish to learn more about this tech? connect with me over LinkedIn.

Blockchain = Freedom and not ONLY bitcoin

Blockchain = Freedom and not ONLY bitcoin

Blockchain = Freedom and not ONLY bitcoin