Blockchain Ecosystem

It’s not unreasonable to believe that blockchain is primarily a mechanism to support cryptocurrencies. For sure, crypto coins and crypto tokens represent a big proportion of their current use. It’s also important to acknowledge that it’s often these cryptos that power the new innovation that blockchain is enabling. For example, the Ethereum blockchain uses its own cryptocurrency, Ether, as a mechanism for user fees that power […]

Blockchain in – Ethereum in Government

Remember that three of the most important features of Ethereum include transparency, integrity, and suitability. Sounds like those three would fit very well into a well-operating government environment. In fact there are lots of places in government where Ethereum could really help. What about tax payments? You could actually pay your taxes using an Ethereum blockchain app, why not? You basically could just transfer cryptocurrency from […]

Cryptocurrency – RISE AND FALL

Why is a cryptocurrency falling? How does a cryptocurrency increase in value? Find out what are the factors that influence crypto prices. CONFIDENCE IN VIRTUAL CURRENCY First, as with any currency, virtual or real, the founding element is trust. People need to trust cryptocurrencies in general and trust a particular cryptocurrency, but that’s not impossible […]

Blockchain Future ahead… Layman’s Term

A blockchain is a powerful group of technologies that make something like bitcoin possible but we can make blockchains without having to use bitcoin and because of that this technology is kind of way beyond just bitcoin or even other coins. Blockchain is called or can be understood as a distributed ledger as a distributed […]

Why Blockchain is Future?

After the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, Blockchain Technology was introduced for the first time in the world. At that time blockchain technology have no practical use except maintaining the financial transactions of the Bitcoin Network. But in 2015, the whole scenario dramatically changed when Linux Organization launch their Private Blockchain Network ‘Hyperledger’ and on […]

Blockchain for Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Before checking in at any hotel, the person has to show his ID, passport, and various other documents to prove his authenticity thus leading to an increased check-in time. Through Blockchain technology all the documents can be recorded on the blockchain and when a person checks in at the hotel the verification can be done […]

What Is The Metaverse?

A metaverse is a digital ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Visual components are provided by technologies such as VR and AR, while decentralized media allows for endless social engagement and business prospects. These environments are scalable, interoperable, and adaptable, and they combine novel technology and interaction models among their members on both an individual and […]

The current state of Cryptocurrencies

The current state of cryptocurrencies has a Wild West feel to it. A high number of people and organizations are jumping in to get a piece of the action. It’s chaotic, it’s risky, it’s exciting, and it’s rapidly changing. In barely nine years since the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin emerged, many hundreds of alternative digital currencies have surfaced. People are using these altcoins, or cryptos, as […]

Ethereum 101

Essentially when Ethereum was issued, there was a total supply of ether that was issued, and the rate of issuance as well was decided by the donations gathered on the 2014 presale. There was 60 million ether created, 12 million which was about 20% of the above were created for development fund, and the remaining […]

Blockchain BUT Why?

What was the last time you bought a brand-name item, like a luxury watch, or maybe a pair of sunglasses? How can you tell that that watch or those glasses was actually genuine and not a counterfeit knockoff? Or how about, let’s assume that you wanna make an investment in a multi-million dollar painting or […]